Low Back Pain Self-Management With Clinical Evidence

Until now offering One-To-One recommendations for self-management of low back pain has been time consuming and resource intensive. SelfBack is changing this. according to NICE SelfBack has the best clinical evidence and is available today to support your patients.

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Approved For Clinical Use in The NHS

NICE has conducted an assessment of nine digital technologies designed for managing non-specific low back pain (LBP). This evaluation encompassed technologies providing physical, psychological, or both types of LBP management. Among the assessed technologies is selfBACK, developed by the SelfBack Consortium.

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Documented Effect

SelfBack has shown documentable and significant effects on patients with nonspecific low back pain including:

38% reduction in average pain

14% better self-management of pain

39% reduction in maximum pain

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Multilingual Availability

With SelfBack now offered in eight languages, including Arabic, Swedish, Danish, English, Norwegian, German, French, and Dutch, your patients can access their self-management plans in their native language.

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Access expert-curated content for reliable patient self-management, aligning with NHS evidence-based self-management principles.


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