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Together with some of the world's most renowned researchers, we have developed an app that gives you the best way to self-manage your low back pain.

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Be engaged in your journey to a healthier lower back.
SelfBack makes self-management straightforward and impactful, putting you in the driver's seat.


Enhance your understanding of your low back pain with our clear, accessible resources. Knowledge is your ally in navigating health challenges with confidence.

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Motivation & Good Routines

Access your self-management plan and tools anytime, fitting effortlessly into your daily life. We make managing your health convenient and flexible.

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Follow suggestions from leading scientists, designed to integrate seamlessly into your routine. Trust in an easy-to-follow, evidence-based method.

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Discover a fun, interactive way to stick to your self-management plan with SelfBack. We make it easy to self-manage your low back pain

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