An everyday life without pain

Together with some of the world's most talented researchers, we have developed an app that gives you the best way to reduce lower back pain. Where other apps provide impersonal guidance, SelfBack gives you 100% personal treatment so you can get back to your normal life.
SelfBack is a digital medical product and must therefore be issued after consultation with a healthcare specialist

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The SelfBack app

Get to know SelfBack

SelfBack is the only back app on the Danish market with clinical evidence. Watch the video and understand what this means for you.

Who we work with

Throughout the years, SelfBack has had the honor of working with some of the biggest international contributors and actors within health and health insurance.

NHS logoSDUNTNUUniversity of GlasgowAtos logoNational Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)Kiropraktorernes videnscenter logo
NHS logoSDUNTNUUniversity of GlasgowAtos logoNational Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)Kiropraktorernes videnscenter logo

We relieve your lower back pain

SelfBack is a clinically tested tool that has been developed to give you a pain-free everyday life through a completely personal training program.

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How do we do it?

No two people are alike. SelfBack gives you a weekly program consisting of exercises, learning and tips specifically selected for you. SelfBack continuously adapts to your needs and your development.

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What are our users saying?

"After a few months of using SelfBack, I feel a clear improvement/strengthening of my lower back, and my lower back pain is decreasing. For example, I can now do certain pilates exercises that I could not do before due to back pain"
SelfBack User
Testimonial Quote
"In the first week, you don't particularly notice the intelligence behind the system, but as time goes by and you use SelfBack, you start to notice how it adapts, and it's quite exciting to see"
Male, 54 years
SelfBack User
Testimonial Quote
"Self Help with the Selfback app. A refreshingly easy to use app for patients with lower back pain. A no fuss, straightforward set up which provides a personal plan to empower patients to manage their own health. Exercises are clearly demonstrated with regular reminders"
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4 Simple steps to begin your journey

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1. Book an appointment at the nearest clinic

2. Create a user and answer our questionnaire

3. Receive your personalized training plan based on your answers from the questionnaire

4. Jump into the SelfBack app and start your journey towards less pain