About SelfBack

The SelfBack app is a self-management platform for non-specific lower back problems that is based on research carried out by the world's leading researchers in the musculoskeletal field.

The app offers self-management plans, where the main focus is on physical activity and training the lower back problem, so that the patient can prevent and self-manage their lower back problems.

How do we work?

At SelfBack, we attach great importance to flexibility and mutual trust. Therefore, there is also the possibility to flex as it suits, as long as the tasks are completed and deadlines are met. We work focused as 'experts' in our own field, and therefore act as individual nodes in projects etc., in a larger context. It is therefore important to us that we all lift together, as everyone in the company depends on each other in one way or another. The challenge is that Digital Health, especially in app form, is completely untrodden ground in many markets; therefore, it is important to see opportunities rather than limitations – and really celebrate when there is success!

Where do we work?

Our headquarters are located in Odense, with a bus to the door, and a light rail station a few hundred meters from the domicile. The railway station and the motorway are within 12 and 7 minutes drive. In addition, the University of Southern Denmark is only a real estate agent's stone's throw from the office.

Who we work with

Throughout the years, SelfBack has had the honor of working with some of the biggest international contributors and actors within health and health insurance.

NHS logoSDUNTNUUniversity of GlasgowAtos logoNational Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)Kiropraktorernes videnscenter logoKeele University. Impact Accelerator Unit
NHS logoSDUNTNUUniversity of GlasgowAtos logoNational Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)Kiropraktorernes videnscenter logoKeele University. Impact Accelerator Unit

Our values

Go the extra mile where no one has gone before

Digital Therapeutics – especially in app form – is a completely new area in both the public and private sector. We believe that being prepared, trusting the process and being willing to drive it forward continuously is vital to SelfBack's success.

Failing equals development

Without failure, development never happens. Supporting each other through opportunities for development helps facilitate a better working environment with self-development in focus.

Celebrate the successes!

Success is our source of energy! Celebrating success is a core value and an element of everyday work at SelfBack. Closed a deal? Let's celebrate it! Project over? Let's celebrate it! Finally got over that annoying code problem? Let's celebrate it!

Work should be fun!

In the ideal world, Mondays would be the best day of the week. We know that it is not at all. SelfBack tries to encourage you to use the spontaneous energy that can arise and use it to have fun. We believe this is the healthiest way to work. We bet you rarely hear more laughter in other office environments.

Adjust, adapt and succeed!

We try to 'hit the ground running', and therefore indomitability and adaptability are essential to achieve our goals - SelfBack actively encourages you to take ownership in various tasks and situations.

Our team

Søren Kleberg


CEO & Founder

Rasmus Faddersbøl


CTO & Founder

Yvonne Küttemann


CCO & Founder

Christian Lodberg Jensen


Product Manager

Tony Dieu



Mathias R. N. Hansen


Research & Grant Specialist

Jeppe Rasmussen



Sebastian Gildenpfenning



Frederik J. Lamp


Data Analyst

Linus Kleberg


Customer Success Manager

Patrick Moors


Multi Media Designer

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Customer Sales


Customer Sales


Ken Garner, Country Manager


Niels Onteniente, Country Manager


Søren Kleberg, CEO