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SelfBack is developed by clinicians for clinicians with the aim of improving patient self-management. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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SelfBack provides high-quality, evidence-based self-management, ensuring that self-management plans align with the latest clinical guidelines and research for optimal outcomes.

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SelfBack empowers patients to actively participate in their self-management, leading to fewer re-admissions and improved health outcomes.

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Multilingual Availability

With SelfBack now offered in eight languages, including Arabic, Swedish, Danish, English, Norwegian, German, French, and Dutch, your patients can access their self-management plans in their native language.


SelfBack seamlessly integrates with existing health systems, streamlining workflows and improving care coordination.

If in doubt about integration into your EHR system contact us for more information.

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Documented Effect

SelfBack has shown documentable and significant effects on patients with nonspecific low back pain including:

38% reduction in average pain

14% better self-management of pain

39% reduction in maximum pain

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Patient Feedback Mechanisms

Direct feedback from patients on their exercises gives insight and allows for timely adjustments.

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Customer Sales


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