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SelfBack ensures your patients are actively involved in their treatment against back pain, and thus provides increased compliance and better results. At the same time, we provide access to a new level of insight about the patient outside the clinical environment, and make it possible to introduce data-supported patient dialogue.

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The SelfBack app

Patients are activated outside the consultation

Patients who are active in self-managing their low back pain through the use of SelfBack have a significantly greater chance of a positive result.

SelfBack is an advanced self-management system built on the latest technology in artificial intelligence. It ensures a constantly developing knowledge base to support the best possible treatment.

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Tailored treatment for each individual

SelfBack prepares a personal self-management program that includes a training plan and educational material, all updated and adjusted on a weekly basis based on the user's abilities and progress.

Get to know SelfBack

SelfBack is the only back app on the Danish market with clinical evidence. Watch the video and understand this means for you.

Who we work with

Throughout the years, SelfBack has had the honor of working with some of the biggest international contributors and actors within health and health insurance.

NHS logoSDUNTNUUniversity of GlasgowAtos logoNational Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)Kiropraktorernes videnscenter logo
NHS logoSDUNTNUUniversity of GlasgowAtos logoNational Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA)Kiropraktorernes videnscenter logo

The world's first AI-driven digital solution in app form with proven effectiveness

In an extensive randomized controlled trial, SelfBack has shown a documentable and significant effect on patients with non-specific low back pain, and can thus contribute to a major improvement in the physical condition.


39% reduction in max pain

14% better self-management of the pain

38% reduction in average pain

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Based on the National Clinical Guidelines

SelfBack consists of the following three key components:

SelfBack app Step goal

Daily Activity

SelfBack measures the number of steps the member has taken on a daily basis. Each day a daily goal is set, which SelfBack motivates the member to achieve.

SelfBack app artikler


Informative articles and daily educational content, tailored to each individual, contributing to achieving optimal self-mastery during the treatment process.

SelfBack app øvelse

Exercise Program

Weekly updated and personalized training programs ensure that only the most relevant and best exercises are offered.

Support for patients in their daily life

SelfBack supports the patients between consultations, and helps them in their treatment course towards a pain-free everyday life - with good adherence.

Therefore, the chance of a positive result after the end of treatment is increased if patients use SelfBack in their treatment course.

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What are our users saying?

"After a few months of using SelfBack, I feel a clear improvement/strengthening of my lower back, and my lower back pain is decreasing. For example, I can now do certain pilates exercises that I could not do before due to back pain"
SelfBack User
"In the first week, you don't particularly notice the intelligence behind the system, but as time goes by and you use SelfBack, you start to notice how it adapts, and it's quite exciting to see"
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SelfBack User
"Self Help with the Selfback app. A refreshingly easy to use app for patients with lower back pain. A no fuss, straightforward set up which provides a personal plan to empower patients to manage their own health. Exercises are clearly demonstrated with regular reminders"
SelfBack User

A supplement to regular treatment

SelfBack can be used before, during, and even after traditional treatment.

Læge der skriver på blok

The missing piece of the puzzle

Before the initial consultation, SelfBack can present relevant information obtained by screening forms and initiate pain-relieving treatment as first aid before the consultation.

Kiropratisk behandling

Between consultations

SelfBack can support patients between treatments at the clinic, and collect relevant data that enables the clinician to finally gain insight into how the treatment is experienced in daily life, without recall bias.

Et netværk af mennesker

Data-driven refinement

By being able to collect information before, during, and after the treatment, it will be able to save time for the clinician but also enhance the decisions, as there will be an easily accessible data base to support the clinician's work.

PhysicianPhysician arms crossed

Your patients want personal treatment

SelfBack is an advanced self-management system built on artificial intelligence. This ensures a continuously adjusted and updated knowledge bank which will always provide the patient with the best possible treatment plan, based on the individual's condition, course of illness, level of functioning, and personal goals.

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Major publications

Since the start of the SelfBack project in 2016, several major publications and articles have been published that shed light on the effect of SelfBack. A long series of new publications and articles are in the pipeline, which will be published continuously.

Januar 2023

The selfBACK artificial intelligence-based smartphone app can improve low back pain outcome even in patients with high levels of depression or stress

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Februar 2022

Multimorbidity and co-occurring musculoskeletal pain do not modify the effect of the SELFBACK app on low back pain-related disability

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August 2021

RCT - Effectiveness of App-Delivered, Tailored Self-management Support for Adults With Lower Back Pain–Related Disability

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December 2019

An App-Delivered Self-Management Program for People With Low Back Pain: Protocol for the SelfBACK Randomized Controlled Trial

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August 2018

A Decision Support System to Enhance Self-Management of Low Back Pain: Protocol for the SelfBACK Project

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