Cost-efficiency Without Compromise

Get your members to take active ownership of their low back pain management using the SelfBack app and significantly improve self-management.

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Evidence-Based Self-Management

For health insurance providers it’s important to offer high quality cost-efficient solutions with rigorous scientific evidence.

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SelfBack is a Medical Device Class I (MDD)

CE certified

UDI-DI: 57000022306

In accordance with:

Clinical Evaluation
IEC 62304:2006
IEC 62366:-1:2015
ISO 13485:2016
ISO 14971:2019

CE Certified & GDPR Compliant

SelfBack is CE certified meeting EU standards for safety and effectiveness. Additionally, SelfBack is fully GDPR compliant, safeguarding privacy and data.


Increase Adherence

Increase adherence and minimize complications with SelfBack, reducing long-term costs and promoting healthier outcomes.

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Line graph comparing user retention rates of the SelfBack app with the industrial average for health apps. The SelfBack app starts at 100% retention on day 0, dropping to 48.5% on day 1, 19.3% on day 7, and 2.2% on day 30. The industrial average shows a smoother decline from 100% on day 0 to 37.5% on day 1, 12.7% on day 7, and 24.8% on day 30, represented by red and blue lines respectively.

*Data is based on total downloads & login info on all clinically referenced users since the commercial launch of the SelfBack App in March 2022

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Documented Effect

SelfBack has shown documentable and significant effects on patients with nonspecific low back pain including:

38% reduction in average pain

14% better self-management of pain

39% reduction in maximum pain

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Multilingual Availability

With SelfBack now offered in eight languages, including Arabic, Swedish, Danish, English, Norwegian, German, French, and Dutch, your patients can access their self-management plans in their native language.

Reduce Unnecessary Consultations

SelfBack minimizes excess in healthcare by reducing unnecessary consultations, maximizing the efficacy of insurers' coverage plans.

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